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Thousands of stores are using 3dcart’s shopping cart software.

Fabric Stores

Retail apparel stores have done nothing to harm the appeal of sewing, and craft-minded folks everywhere still love to make their own clothes, quilts, and much more. Finding the right fabric at a good price can be a challenge, however, especially when a customer has a specific project in mind. That's why online fabric shopping is so popular!

3dcart has everything you need to sell fabrics online. You have room for detailed product photos and information so customers can inspect patterns, thread counts, and more while they choose. It's also easy to set up fractional quantities so customers can buy different lengths of fabric down to a fraction of a yard, and you have full control over minimum and maximum quantities for purchases. Learn more about how to sell fabrics online.

Auto Parts Stores

Searching for car parts used to involve visiting a series of retailers and junkyards in hopes that they'd have the one part you need to fix, customize, or restore a vehicle. Now, by shopping online, customers can find millions of auto parts from all over the world. It's no wonder eCommerce for auto parts has become so popular; it's much more convenient and cost-effective.

3dcart makes it possible for you to build your own online auto parts store, whether you have just a few unique items passing through your shop or you carry a consistent stock. Powerful inventory control ensures you never sell more than you have of that one ultra-rare item, while a robust category and product page system means you can sell as many common parts as you need to and still keep it all organized. Learn more about how to auto parts online.

Cell Phone Accessory Stores

Most people today have a cell phone as their constant companion, whether they use it mostly for calling, texting, Facetime, games, or even for work! Tons of cell phone accessories are available, like cases to protect and customize the phone, headsets for hands-free use, extra battery packs for on-the-go-charging, and more.

With 3dcart's online store software, you can sell all types of cell phone accessories with ease. Dropship right from distributors or stock up your own inventory. Categorize products not just by type and brand, but by compatibility, so a customer can select their own phone from the list and see everything you have. There's so much more you can do with 3dcart! Learn more about how to sell cell phone accessories online.

Coffee and Tea Stores

Coffee and tea both have rich histories around the world. A morning caffeine boost, a relaxing afternoon ritual, or a great source of antioxidants; regardless of the reasoning, people everywhere would feel lost if they didn't have their favorite tea or coffee! But what do you do if you want something special that's not available at your local grocery store? Shop online, of course! You can build the ultimate online coffee and/or tea store with 3dcart.

Cross-categorization means you can organize your coffees and teas by brand, roast or leaf, caffeine content and more, all at the same time. To make it even easier for customers, display reviews to help them decide, and let them sign up for Autoship so they never run out of their favorite beverage. Learn more about how to sell coffee and tea online.

Cosmetics Stores

Cosmetics are a must for millions of customers who just don't feel like themselves without them, whether casual daily users to full-on professional makeup artists. Getting the right brand and shade is crucial, not to mention cosmetics for customers with skin conditions. Plus, there's a lot of counterfeit cosmetics moving through the market, so customers only want to buy from stores they can trust.

You can open such a trusted cosmetics store with 3dcart. With product reviews and Google Customer Reviews for your store, you can proudly show off a five-star rating that proves you sell only the best. Create alluring promotions and connect with Facebook and Instagram to turn your cosmetics into a lifestyle. Create a loyalty program for your best customers. With 3dcart, you can do it all! Learn more about how to sell cosmetics online.

Digital Download Stores

Whether we're talking about ebooks, MP3 or FLAC music files, video games, or something else, there's great potential out there for selling digitally-downloaded products. Create and sell your own stock photos and videos, any type of ebook, music, games, and much more — at any price you see fit. 3dcart has the perfect setup for selling digital downloads hassle-free.

Add them to your store just like any product, provide customers with all the information you want to help them choose, and rest assured that orders will go smoothly, with customers receiving an automatic email after their order. Plus, activate copy-protection to prevent unauthorized duplication of your work. Learn more about how to sell digital downloads online.

Dining Table and Coffee Table Stores

The dining table and coffee table are centerpieces of the dining and living room, respectively. When shopping for these pieces, customers need to consider color and finish, material, size, style, and more. They need something that works with the room and the family's needs, so it's common to shop online so they can access the biggest selection.

With 3dcart, you'll have the power to create a highly specialized dining and coffee table store so you can bring all your expertise into this popular niche. Focus on a specific designer, time period, material, or other factor, or just become the business everyone knows as the place to go for good tables. Sell on Facebook and Instagram, connect with Houzz, and much more. Learn more about how to sell dining and coffee tables online.

Electronics Stores

It would be hard for most people to get through a single day without their electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, hands-free Bluetooth headsets, music players, vehicle GPS systems and more are all extremely popular, but it's not always easy to choose the best. That's why customers like to shop online for electronics, so they can compare features and pricing easily!

3dcart online stores are packed with features perfect for selling electronics, whether you sell cutting-edge technology or vintage VCRs and turntables. Set up a vast category system with ease and run the kinds of exciting promotions that customers can't resist. Upsell, cross-sell, and display related accessories as customers shop, and enable product comparisons so they can see different brands side by side. Learn more about how to sell electronics online.

Adult Sex Toy Stores

Millions of adults are looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom, and most of them prefer to shop online. Privacy and access to customer reviews are huge factors; customers buying adult toys want to purchase something they're sure to enjoy, and they often want to avoid anyone knowing about it. Online shopping offers a discreet and informative solution for customers buying these products.

3dcart has all the right features for opening an online sex toy store, complete with age verification and access to payment processors willing to work with this industry. Provide customers with detailed photos and information about each product, display reviews from customers, and more. Plus, with 3dcart's dropshipping support, you can source your products from anywhere. Learn more about how to sell sex toys online.

Fragrance Stores

Fragrances are enjoyed by men and women everywhere, and are worn for everyday outings, not just special occasions. Customers often spend plenty of time finding the perfect scent. Some classic fragrances have been around for decades, while other new releases are always popping up to excite customers looking for something new.

With 3dcart, you can build a perfect online store and sell all the fragrances you desire. Restrict yourself to a single brand or carry tons of products and categorize them easily to give your customers easy-to-shop men's and women's sections. You can even set up a subscription service with 3dcart's Autoship so customers can automatically reorder their favorite fragrance right when they're close to running out. Learn more about how to sell fragrances online.

Furniture Stores

We can't live without furniture (well, we can, but it would be pretty uncomfortable), but it's often hard to find the perfect pieces for your home, even if you're not meticulously trying to match everything. Online furniture shopping has become popular for this very reason: it connects customers with furniture that has the style, color, and pricing they want.

If you want to open an online furniture store, you're in luck. 3dcart's full-featured eCommerce platform has everything you need, including unlimited products and variants, tons of shipping and fulfillment options, Facebook and Instagram connectivity, and even an integration with Houzz. Sell a complete range of furniture everywhere with 3dcart. Learn more about how to sell furniture online.

Handbag and Purse Stores

Handbags and purses are available in thousands of styles and the prices can vary greatly. Whether she's heading out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, spending a day at the beach, or just going to school or work, every woman knows the perfect handbag for the occasion is out there, somewhere. She just needs to find it!

This is why handbag and purse online stores are so popular. With 3dcart, you can create an online purse and handbag store that will attract customers and help them find that perfect accessory. Hold irresistible sales, blog about fashion, share and sell on Facebook and Instagram, where your products become a lifestyle, and much more. Learn more about how to sell handbags and purses online.

Home Decor Stores

The home is where the heart is, but you need the right décor! Homeowners (and renters too!) love to decorate every room to reflect the spirit of the house and the family who lives there. All types of décor are popular, from contemporary to retro, and tons of products from furniture to tabletop accents are available in any style. Homeowners and professional designers alike will search far and wide for the perfect piece!

With 3dcart, you can open a home décor online store that can cater to professional interior designers as well as regular customers. Create a decorating blog, carry as many products as you need, offer special pricing to interior designers, share completed rooms on social media, and even connect directly with Houzz to create the home décor store of your dreams. You can do it all with 3dcart! Learn more about how to sell home decor online.

Lingerie Stores

Whether for a romantic evening or just to feel sexy, lingerie is hugely popular. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials available, customers often want to shop until they find something that just seems perfect. Variety is one of the main reasons for online lingerie shopping, but we also can't forget privacy. There are just some items customers want to buy discreetly!

With 3dcart, you can open your own online lingerie store in no time. You'll have space for as many products as you need, complete with room for high-quality product photos so customers can zoom in and inspect fine details like lace. Built-in customer reviews will help you spot issues with products, vital for an industry where fit and comfort are so crucial. Learn more about how to sell lingerie online.

Nutritional Supplement Stores

Everyone wants to be healthier, and sometimes the human body needs a little extra boost. Millions of health-conscious people use supplements to improve exercise, get better sleep, get more energy, have better moods, or just overall feel more like themselves. That's why the nutritional supplement industry is huge with no signs of slowing down.

3dcart is the perfect eCommerce solution for a supplement store. A full-featured product review system is included right out of the box so customers can share their results. And supplement buyers love to promote the products they use, so why not turn those customers into salespeople with 3dcart's powerful affiliate program? The sky's the limit. Learn more about how to sell nutritional supplements online.

Office Supply Stores

Millions of people work in office environments, whether in a company building or at home. This means office supplies never go out of style — everything from writing utensils to water coolers to ergonomic chairs and desks can be found in corporate and home offices all over the world. And people need a reliable supplier of the products their businesses rely on, so they turn to online stores to find the best.

With 3dcart, you can sell office supplies on any scale: individual customers, whole businesses, or both. Group customers to provide special pricing to students, and simplify the ordering process for businesses buying in bulk. Specialize in any type of office supply you wish, or sell a full range of products. With 3dcart, you can do it all. Learn more about how to sell office supplies online.

Party Supply Stores

Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, graduation, retirement… there are so many things to celebrate in life, and sometimes you don't need a reason at all to throw a party! Party supply stores do very well online, especially when customers have trouble finding enough of a certain item locally — which happens often when a specific color is needed. Customers especially love when they can buy things out-of-season, like Halloween party supplies several months early.

With 3dcart, you can create an online party supply store for any occasion! Niche down to a single celebration type, like baby showers, or go all-out and carry all types of party supplies all year round. Set up seasonal promotions and powerful email marketing campaigns to remind customers to get ready for different times of year. Learn more about how to sell party supplies online.

Pottery and Ceramics Stores

Do you make your own pottery or ceramics, or work with a group of artists who do? Whether you create functional items or decorative sculptures, there are millions of people out there who would love to buy your work. Pottery and ceramics lend an air of authenticity and good taste to any home.

3dcart makes it easy to set up a perfect online pottery and ceramics store, whether you create one-of-a-kind pieces or repeatedly make certain products. Total inventory control helps you sell one-off items alongside repeated pieces without issue. And there are tons of other features perfect for artists — like a built-in blog module so you can share your techniques and love of the craft with the world. Learn more about how to sell pottery and ceramics online.

Rug and Carpet Stores

Rugs and carpets help a house feel like a home. Of course, homeowners — or anyone looking to warm up a space — need to consider colors and other elements that will match their décor. Shopping online gives rug and carpet buyers access to a much bigger selection than they could otherwise find at a local store.

With 3dcart, you'll have everything you need to sell rugs and carpets to customers anywhere. Detailed product images and information help customers decide, while unlimited product options mean you can sell a full assortment of sizes. Sell rugs and matching runners with product bundles or opt to cross-sell them. Plus, a full range of shipping options helps you fulfill customer orders with ease. Learn more about how to sell rugs and carpets online.

School Supply Stores

The school supplies industry is huge, and everyone's aware of the chaos that occurs at the end of summer break when parents flood stores in search of needed supplies for their kids. Crowded brick-and-mortar retail stores often sell out quickly and can result in lots of stress, so many parents prefer to shop online for school supplies.

Sell to students, parents, and teachers with a great online store that can handle any number of products. You'll have tons of features at your fingertips, including the ability to group customers and offer different pricing to individuals and schools that buy in bulk. Plus, with 3dcart's powerful promotion system, you can run the Back-to-School sale of any parent or educator's dreams. Learn more about how to sell school supplies online.

Seed Stores

Gardening isn't just a pastime; for some people it's a way of life! Countless vegetable gardens are found all over the world, as are beautiful flower gardens that bring color to people's yards. Of course, gardeners need to start somewhere and many things need to be replanted at the beginning of the season. That's why people buy seeds!

With 3dcart, you can sell seeds to everyone from individuals to nurseries with a powerful online store system that lets you handle both business-to-consumer and business-to-business customers. You can even eliminate shipping of certain products to certain areas where those plants aren't allowed because they're considered invasive. Learn more about how to sell seeds online.


You don't need physical goods to have an online store. People have been selling services online just as long as they've been selling products, and there's no reason any professional can't do the same. Contractors, consultants, lawyers, private investigators, chefs, babysitters, and many more can sell services and provide payment online.

3dcart's flexibility makes it perfect for any professional person or group to sell services through an online store. Lay out all the details of any service you provide, and include extra expenses and materials as needed. For store design, 3dcart has hundreds of attractive, customizable themes perfect for anyone. Learn more about how to sell services online.

Shoe Stores

It's definitely been a surprise to some that online shoe stores could become so popular and profitable. Don't customers need to try them on? Well, not always — online shoe stores are thriving by providing great product information to help customers choose, and supporting it with solid return policies just in case. Now, buying shoes online is more convenient than ever.

Online shoe retailers need an eCommerce platform that lets them provide all the crucial information to shoe-shopping customers. Large photos from multiple angles are required, as are sizing charts and other product information like materials and care instructions. Plus, you need room for all the shoe sizes you carry and enough categories to organize them as needed. 3dcart has all these features and much more. Learn more about how to sell shoes online.

Sporting Goods Stores

Sports are central to the lives of millions of people, whether aspiring athletes who want to go full professional, people in it for the exercise, or just moms and dads who want to play in the backyard with the kids. And then there are the fans, who may not play sports at all, but can't wait to get the jersey or other signature equipment of their favorite player. Sports retail is insanely popular, and that carries over to eCommerce!

3dcart makes it easy for an online sporting goods retailer to create a dynamic online store that will speak to devoted fans. Sell in any niche, from athletic gear to supplies for hiking, hunting, or fishing. No matter what types of sports fans you target, 3dcart is built to help you reach them. Learn more about how to sell sporting goods online.

Stamp Collection Stores

All collectors understand the quest involved when hunting down a missing piece of your collection. You know it's out there somewhere, and you just need to find it! With the beginnings of the internet and eCommerce, collectors naturally began to seek each other out online. Stamp collectors are drawn to online stores.

3dcart makes it easy to sell any product, including those with very limited stock. Even if you only have one of a particular rare stamp, you can sell it online with no risk of accidentally selling more than you have. You can also let customers view every stamp in detail with high-resolution product images that can be zoomed in. Learn more about how to sell stamps online.

Tool and Hardware Stores

Completing a project is a point of pride for those with a do-it-yourself attitude. Sure, some of these home projects are pretty simple, but others are quite complex and involve many very specific parts. DIYers, contractors, and professionals love to shop online because it makes it so much easier to get what they need at a good price.

Hardware stores often require a vast number of products and product variants just by their nature — for example, nails, screws, washers, and other small parts come in dozens of sizes and many different materials and finishes. 3dcart has unlimited space for products and variants to make it simple for online hardware stores to list all their products in an organized fashion. Learn more about how to sell tools and hardware online.

Toy Stores

The toy industry is where imagination meets nostalgia. Kids and adults of all ages love toys, whether to play with or to collect. But toys aren't always easy to shop for at brick-and-mortar stores, especially around the holidays when everything gets crowded! Parents and collectors everywhere love to shop for toys online.

With 3dcart, toy sellers have room for unlimited products and tons of photos and videos to help kids and adults pick out their favorites. Built-in product reviews make it easy for customers to state the good and bad about any toy, and together with robust data reporting, toy retailers can discover exactly what their customers want (and when to reorder to make all those holiday sales!) Learn more about how to sell toys online.

Vape Stores

The vape industry has experienced huge growth in the past few years. Millions of people credit vaping with helping them quit smoking, while others simply enjoy creating vast candy-scented clouds. Vaping involves tons of different products, many of which must be restocked regularly. This makes eCommerce perfect for vape sellers!

Vape retailers love 3dcart for its flexibility and features. It's never been easier to build and design an online store with room for thousands of products in tons of categories, and still keep them easy to navigate. Plus, age verification keeps underage customers from buying. Learn more about how to sell vape online.

Watch Stores

There's something to be said for a good watch, even in an age where most people check the time on their phones. Watches are much easier to keep with you even in harsh weather conditions, since many waterproof watches are available. And for those who want to make a good impression, a watch is often the perfect (and useful!) accessory for a formal outfit.

Whether selling sports watches, high-end collectors' watches, or both, retailers love the 3dcart features that make it easy to sell these classic timepieces. There's room for huge, detailed product photos so customers can inspect every item before buying, plus anti-fraud features like FraudWatch are essential when selling luxury watches. Learn more about how to sell watches online.

Wine Stores

Wine has been popular for literally thousands of years and there's no indication this will ever change. Whether in a fine restaurant or while relaxing at home, a fine glass of wine is an essential part of the evening for millions of people. But how do you get the best wines from around the world if you can't buy them in your area? Order online, of course!

3dcart makes eCommerce easy for wine retailers, not just for its amazing online store features, but also with its powerful shipping and tax controls. Online wine sellers need to comply with varying laws all over the country, and tax rates and shipping legalities make it crucial to have precise control over where you ship and what taxes you charge. 3dcart also connects with age verification tools and alcohol-friendly payment processors. Learn more about how to sell wine online.

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